Director BIO: Evan Galeano (SECONDBORN)

Evan transitioned from a focus in literature to filmmaking at the age of fifteen. During his time in SDSU’s Film Program, Evan explored multiple genres, from horror, drama and action/thriller. He had a total of nine films premiere at the SDSU Best of the Best Festival, SDSU Emerging Filmmakers showcase, and Campus Movie Fest. Evan… Continue reading Director BIO: Evan Galeano (SECONDBORN)

Short Film: SECONDBORN, 17min., USA, Drama

Aaron, a homophobic teenager, discovers his younger brother Sam is homosexual. Shortly after, that discovery is made public in their rural town. As folks are quick to disown and persecute Sam, including their father Dalton, Aaron must decide what is more important, blood or belief. Dalton attempts to discipline Sam. He is more afraid of… Continue reading Short Film: SECONDBORN, 17min., USA, Drama