HIGHLIGHTS: November 2022 CRIME SHORTS Film Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today.

Audience Award Winners:

Best Feature Film: SAVAGE LAND
Best Short Film: STILLS
Best Performances: THE FIRST

Best Cinematography: IN THE VALLEY OF THE MOON

Best Sound & Music: SALVAR

Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film:

THE FIRST, 14min., USA, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Emily McDougall
When her teenage sister starts showing interest in a much older, more dangerous man, Rowan must decide between getting involved, or keeping her sisters secret.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

STILLS, 30min., USA, Crime/Mystery
Directed by Kyle Marra
When a nine-year-old girl goes missing, the case rests on the shoulders of Detective Monroe. Can she unravel the mystery before it’s too late, or will she find herself caught in her failure, forever?

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

THE PERSIMMON TREE, 15min., Iran, Crime/Drama
Directed by Hosseyn Saee Manesh
For many years , an old man and woman have been under the impression that the fruits of the persimmon tree in the front yard of their house were bitter. Within all those years , they have thrown the fruits away without tasting them . Now there’s a newcomer person who eats the fruits by accident and the old man and woman realize that the fruits have been bitter in their mouths only.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

SAVAGE LAND, 90min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Campbell Dalglish, Dr. Henrietta Mann
“When Custer County Police kill 18 year old Cheyenne Arapaho Mah-hi-vist Red Bird Goodblanket in his family’s kitchen, descendants of the Sand Creek and Washita Massacres take us back 150 years to reveal how historical trauma and the horrors of the past are still present in America today.”

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

IN THE VALLEY OF THE MOON, 29min,. USA, Crime/Action
Directed by Luca Massimiliano Pizzoleo
In the Valley of the Moon, follows a young man working as a hitman for the Italian mob in 1977. He takes a job in Petaluma, California, posing as a potential buyer at an open house to confront the realtor who he suspects has a sinister connection to his past.

Watch Audience Feedback Video:


SALVAR, 29min., South Korea, Crime/Mystery
Directed by Sangwook Ahn
Su-hyeong, who visited the shrine after asking around to find his missing mother, meets Grandmother Shin, a shaman, there. She says he was possessed by an evil, so he needs a salpuri(exorcism). In the process, it turns out that he is being chased by debtors due to his mother’s surgery expenses. For finding his mother, he decides to exorcise. However, finding out that the salpuri was an organ extraction surgery performed in the name of saving the spirit in the body, he struggles to get out of it.

Watch Audience Feedback Video: https://www.wildsound.ca/videos/salvar-review


By lafeedbackfilmfestival

Submit your Feature & Short Film and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles. Festival takes place at L.A. LIVE’s Regal Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles. Festival takes place a least once a month.

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