HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: February 2019 LA FEEDBACK Film Festival







Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterOF SILENCE, 6min., Belgium, Dance festival poster“ROPPONGI BOYS” JET LAGZ, 2min., Poland, Music
festival posterPOSITIVE, 2min., France, Experimental festival posterADORINE, 4min., Cyprus, Music
festival posterFRANCISZKA, 8min., Canada, Dance festival posterSOMEWHERE IN THEIR HEADS, 13min., UK, Musical/Documentary
festival posterSTAR IN THE EAST, 2min., USA, Musical festival posterDANCERS, 2min., USA, Dance
festival posterTHE DUCHESS, 7min., USA, Experimental festival posterPERSON(A), 5min., USA, Dance
festival posterCAUGHT IN THE CHAMBER, 7min., USA, Dance festival posterTHE NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, 5min., USA, Dance
festival posterLOVE IS WILD, 2min, USA, Music

The theme of the February 2019 EXPERIMENTAL/MUSIC/DANCE Feedback Film Festival in Los Angeles was “Exploring Self Identity”.

Each film was about one exploring who they really are using many artistic elements and storytelling techniques.

The 2nd event of the Los Angeles festivals in 2019.

10 more festivals to go in Los Angeles this year.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo


Director Biography – Filippo Michele Guarna (MISTER EGG)

A638788438 headshot

Filippo Michele Guarna was born in London in 1998. In 1999 he moved to Italy, first in Milan and then in Rome. After achieving the Diploma di Maturità Classica in Liceo Classico Virgilio, in 2017, Filippo began his Filmmaking study course in London.

Director BIO: Andre Sitolini (THE COOK AND THE CHEF)

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Andre Sitolini is an animation fanatic who sharpened his talent at California State University Monterey Bay, as a Cinematic Arts & Technology major. Recently graduated in Spring 2018, Andre continues to study and produce animation at his own time. Having many years practicing animation, he is also an expert in Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Visual Effects, Editing, and Sound Design. There is no challenge or technical shot that Andre can’t handle.


Director Statement


When I made The Cook and the Chef, I wanted to make a film that had a personal message. To me, it’s not enough for a film to show off a cool visual or a cool story if it doesn’t show yourself. The Cook and The Chef is a film about the under dog in an age where popularity matters more to people than skill.

I wanted to animate a lot of technically impressive scenes with unique character designs and fun movements. I really wanted to pour my entire talent into this film as to prove this film itself is an under dog.

Director Biography – Valentin Petit (THE NOISE OF THE LIGHT)

Bc43f6865a headshot

Valentin Petit is a young French director based in Paris. He wrote several video clips for street music artists and directed a lot of commercials for famous brands such as Puma, Unicef, Adidas or Canal +. His passion for travel naturally led him to fiction, through which he was able to express a more neo-melancholic creation. He is currently developing many personal projects, among which short films that won multiple awards in French and international film festivals, like his latest experimental film: « A Portrait of Rafel Delalande ».

Director Statement

Following my previous works (Anthophobia and A Portrait of Rafel Delalande), I wanted Le Bruit de la Lumière as a crossroad between a visual experience and a film fantastic. Through this combination, I wanted to tell a story about the synaesthesia phenomenon. I discovered this feeling which some people experience in the autobiographic novel from Daniel Tammet, Born On A Blue Day.

In order to create Lou, the main character, with Guillaume (co-writer), we went a little bit further by giving her a supernatural ability to generate sound when she is touch by the light. This choice show our fascination and our inability to understand something which is so intimate and personal.

The Fantastic treatment of the story is also a way to exacerbate the connections between our main characters. Marius and Pablo are facing an opportunity which is difficult to avoid, despite their friendship with Lou. How would we react in front of such a phenomenon? Moreover, how are we actually reacting to a person who describes her synaesthesia?

Director BIO: Evan Galeano (SECONDBORN)

E9683b4db1 headshot

Evan transitioned from a focus in literature to filmmaking at the age of fifteen. During his time in SDSU’s Film Program, Evan explored multiple genres, from horror, drama and action/thriller. He had a total of nine films premiere at the SDSU Best of the Best Festival, SDSU Emerging Filmmakers showcase, and Campus Movie Fest.

Evan is currently working as a freelance digital marketing manager, videographer for multiple brands including Avante Magazine. He previously set PA’d for Marvel’s “The Runaways” and was an office PA at NBC Universal, assisting the following shows: Law & Order SVU, Chicago Fire, MED, P.D. and a new series titled “FBI.”

“Secondborn,” is a return to the writer/director’s dramatic, literary roots.


Director Statement


Director’s Note

When I was in high school, a close friend of mine confided in me that he was homosexual, and confided in me of some issues he was having with his family accepting him. I was not prepared for what my friend had told me, as I myself was raised in a household that held negative views toward the LGBTQ community. This created a moral dilemma for me – a contradiction of beliefs. On one hand, I had been taught that this behavior was a sin and a choice . On the other hand, my close friend’s experience made me realize that what I had been previously taught – that this behavior was a sin and a choice – was a belief I no longer agreed with. I realized the destructive implications this belief had on every LGBTQ person. I realized that being there for my friend in his time of crisis was more important than any differences we had.

In doing more research, I found statistics that saw an increase in homeless and bullied LGBTQ teenagers who lived in specific regions and smaller, rural communities. In making this film, I want to create something that takes a different approach to the LGBTQ story, from the perspective of a someone struggling to between their deep-seated bigotry, and their own family member. I feel that the pressing issue of homophobia in smaller communities is something that many individuals in more progressive regions of the US may not be fully aware of.

Where “Secondborn” sets itself apart from other LGBT films is that it’s protagonist, Aaron, is not gay. He offers an objective view of two extremes, while also symbolizing the importance of the individual in swaying mob-mentality. Aaron represents newer generations in the United States who are waking up, beginning to realize that their voices matter and that they have a responsibility to help and support disenfranchised minorities, whether that be with LGBT issues or broader social issues currently dividing our country.

– Evan Galeano
Writer/Director of “Secondborn”

Short Film: SECONDBORN, 17min., USA, Drama

C7672626d1 poster

Aaron, a homophobic teenager, discovers his younger brother Sam is homosexual. Shortly after, that discovery is made public in their rural town. As folks are quick to disown and persecute Sam, including their father Dalton, Aaron must decide what is more important, blood or belief.

Dalton attempts to discipline Sam. He is more afraid of the town’s persecution of his family than retribution from a higher power, however he uses the religion he barely practices as a self-righteous
justification for his refusal to accept Sam.

Aaron promises Sam he will protect him. However, when Sam decides to leave home after no longer feeling welcome, Aaron fails to keep his promise and does not go after Sam.

Some seemingly-friendly kids who are friends of Aaron’s find Sam on the side of the road and offer him a ride to the lake, where they turn on him and forcefully begin dunking him under the water.

Aaron realizes he’s made a mistake. Disregarding his Father’s threats to disown him, Aaron steals Dalton’s truck to find Sam. He arrives at the lake and finds an unconscious Sam laid on the rocks. Aaron tries administering CPR to no avail.

Weeks later, Dalton and Aaron have tried to rebuild their relationship. However, while Aaron has been grieving and blaming himself, Dalton has sunken into denial. Aaron, having had enough, lashes out at his father for his hypocrisy and refusal to claim Sam’s body from the morgue, leading to a tense falling out between the two.

Upon returning home after work, Dalton finds Aaron’s room cleared of his belongings. Dalton’s tough exterior finally cracks as he realizes he has pushed away the last of his family.

Aaron, like the firstborn Cain of the Book of Genesis, faces a long road ahead of him after being partially responsible for his secondborn brother’s death.

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