Director Biography – Neil Stevens (THE MONSTER)

Neil Stevens is a writer and director born in Lynn, Massachusetts. He has directed a number of short films, mostly horror, that have played at festivals across the world.


Director BIO: Ellie Harvie (SCATTERED)

Ellie harvie headshot

For the past 25 years Ellie Harvie has made a living as a TV and Film actress in Vancouver. She came through Theatre (Vancouver Playhouse School) and, with strong roots in local improv (Vancouver TheatreSports League) and the stand-up scene (Yuk-Yuks, Lafflines), comedy is her forte. From playing Morticia, in “The NewAddams Family” to Candace/Mrs. Bubkes in “Some Assembly Required” and the hundred other titles in between, she is a pro in front of the camera. In that time she has learned, watched and waited to make the transition to directing, backed with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. A director on the board of UBCP/ACTRA, Ellie has huge regard for all the members of the sister unions, as well as the producers. Together we all make up this thriving, growing industry. Having achieved her goal of being a well respected actor in the city, her goal is now to be one of Vancouver’s best looking directors. Scattered marks her directorial debut.

Director Statement

When you hit a certain age you start to lose people. Cremation and scatterings are no longer sacred events in your imagination. They become a part of the nitty gritty of life. I remember buckling my father’s urn into the front seat of my car, which he had sat in a thousand times. What appealed to me about the script was normalizing the experience of scattering ashes. Because it is normal. We hold death at such a distance in this culture. Like a part of life, death and all its rituals are imperfect, flawed and finite.

Director BIO: David S Armstrong (PLEASURE PALS)

Eac770b36a headshot

David S Armstrong has been an editor and director in Los Angeles for 22 years.
Commercials (partial list): Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Titleist, Chevy
TV Series (partial list): Deadliest Catch, Wipeout, Undercover Boss, currently Survivor.

Director Statement

Despite the US being a multicultural country, minority groups are often subject to discrimination, ranging from racist comments to violent hate crimes. I created a Pixar-style animated satire that illustrates the prejudice that others experience through the eyes of the most discriminated-against toys on the planet: sex toys.

I had to learn about 11 computer programs to complete this project on my own; Writing, directing, modeling, animating, compositing, sound mixing, editing and voice over…I did It all…and it’s been an exhausting three-year ride.

I hope you’ll enjoy and share. Maybe one day we can all put an end to Toyscrimination.

Director BIO: Marat Narimanov (BIG BOOOM)

Director 00 color

Marat Narimanov was born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia. Has been graduated as a cameraman. Then took a directing course. For a dozen years worked in the Moscow drama theaters. Now works as an illustrator/designer (the best-known illustrations for books “Chudaki” and “Tmutarakanskie Baiki” by Valerii Narimanov) and film director – documentary and animation.
• Enlightenment (2013) – screened at more than 30 international film festivals, several TV shows, Awarded by Salair Film festival
• It’s OK (2015) screened at about 35 international film festivals, shown on TV in Spain, Awarded by Black&White Rainbow Film festival
• Big Booom (2017) selected for about 130 Film festivals (so far), awarded Coup de Coeur Canal+ at Clermont-Ferrand 2017 and 12 other awards (so far)


Director Statement


When I first met the old Hindu doctrine about the creation of our universe, I noticed it was pretty much like the Big Bang theory. And the Hindu concept is even much more advanced that the now-days scientific one, because it tells that the existence and non-existence (dissolve) phases of universe follow each other infinite number of times. The universe is born from the seed and returns to that seed after the cycle is finished. The grand cycles are called the Brahma’s breath.
So, my journey into the world of this animation film started with that ancient Vedic theory and with the word “Breath”. I made this film because I wanted to see how it happened and how it might end. And to see the period from beginning to the end as an entire process and from the point of view of some distant witness, that has nothing to do with this world, but just observes it. That’s why I’ve edited the film in “one-shot” without any cuts, and even zoom-in/outs.
As for the story, the main idea was to interpret the well-known scientific theory of evolution in a not-very-scientific way. In a way, that resembles the well-known story, but is a bit different, a bit unscientific and childish. It’s like a story of evolution perceived and retold short in and simple form by the kid. For me that kid’s view is very important, because children don’t care about complicated issues (like why, the politics is like that, or why Mr. President can’t do this), and do not respect them. They care only about the life they see around, and want it to be simple, friendly, nice and shiny. Like an ordinary happy drawing with a house and a green grass and a yellow sun in the corner. I am sure that this view of things is the best one (it’s a pity we, grown-ups, don’t have it), because only this approach may let the human race save the planet and survive. With that childish story and visual esthetics I managed to solve the main problem – make the film fun, and at the mean time – to bear an important message.
And there is the message of the film – the humans are powerful enough to put an end to the planet and even to the universe, but shall we do that? The universe will be reborn and will live forever, but without us. Of course, nobody knows how the universe will end, but I decided to depict this very end – the destruction by the human being, to let the people think about the possible role of humanity in the future of our world, the world we live in right now and we might NOT live in some day if we don’t stop pollution and wars and greed.

Director BIO: Colin Gerrard (ELI)

C69161aded headshot

Colin Gerrard attended film school in Italy.

His first film was a documentary about America, ‘AMERICANS…at the end of the day’.

His second film, a narrative fiction, is entitled ‘I KNOW YOU’ was selected for 90 film festivals worldwide and won 20 awards.

Colin Produced his next film, ‘CHERRY CAKE’, Directed by Jaine Green. This film was selected to 30 festivals worldwide including Palm Springs and St. Louis.

His new film, ‘ELI’, has been supported by a wonderful cast and crew.