HIGHLIGHTS: May 2023 DRAMA Film Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today. Audience Award Winners:Best Short Form Short Film: WE SHALL NOT SLEEP – Ukrainian EpisodeBest Long Form Short Film: Noche de Amor (Night of Love)Best Direction: FREE(d) by FaithBest Performances: FREE(d) by FamilyBest Sound & Music: NUCLEAR!Best Cinematography: THE MONSTERBest Black & White Film: THE UNWITTING VICTIM… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS: May 2023 DRAMA Film Festival

LA Festival 1st Scene: DEADLINE TO DEATH, by Elliot Stanton

Author CJ Billings is under pressure from his publisher to finish a novel. He has an idea that a few days away in the setting of the finale will give him the inspiration he so desperately needs. CAST LIST: Narrator: Shawn Devlin CJ: Allan Michael Brunet Jane: Val Cole

LA Festival 1st Scene: Premium Economy, by Michael Harris

Falling Down meets Dude, Where’s My Car? Over 24 hours, a recently divorced accountant loses his job, his Jeep and accidentally traffics Heroin. His only escape? Become a beige pants badass aka a Dad Ass. CAST LIST: Narrator: Shawn Devlin Eugene: Allan Michael Brunet Cori: Val Cole

LA Festival 1st Scene: THE GOLDEN, by Luke LoCurcio

One year after the tragic death of their young daughter, an estranged husband and wife must come together again to survive in the face of mysterious global menace. CAST LIST: Narrator: Shawn Devlin Grace: Kyana Teresa Jack/John: Geoff Mays

BEST Scene Screenplay: My Name is Blue, by SImone Brazzini

After an obsessive teenager sneaks into the trailer of their lifelong idol, a recently canceled actor, the two embark on a cross country journey of forced dreams and the impossibility of escaping the past. CAST LIST: Narrator: Allan Michael Brunet Blue – SImone Brazzini Jack: Geoff Mays Sky: Val Cole

BEST Scene Screenplay: MONDAY’S HERO, by Larry Downes

In a college football-crazed town, after the big game, three of the players are accused of a hate crime of beating a gay man to death. The task of defending them falls to the school’s former All-American football star turned lawyer. CHRIS CAMPBELL, the lauded letterman now with a briefcase, is aided by an expedient… Continue reading BEST Scene Screenplay: MONDAY’S HERO, by Larry Downes

1pg. SHORT Script: Rowbadoe, by Kipp Howard

Sci-Fi Ambassadors Rowbadoe and Razor are on a secret mission for the Galactic Federation when their space cruiser is ambushed. CAST LIST: Narrator: Val Cole Rowbadoe: Geoff Mays Razor: Steve Rizzo Woman’s Voice: Hannah Ehman

1pg. SHORT Script: Truckstop DNA, by Patrick McCarthy

An overnight TruckStop worker is attacked during a beer run. His manager gets rid of the assailant. CAST LIST: Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss – Small Teen: Steve Rizzo Big Teen: Geoff Mays Paul: Allan Michael Brunet Terry: Shawn Devlin