February 2021 Festival – Highlights and Videos

Best Short Film: THE LAST RIGHTS
Best Performances: IMMERSION
Best Cinematography: 303: ENDLESS NIGHT
Best Sound & Music: MY FAMILY TREES

Theme of night: Attempting to connect.

NOTE: Festival took place during the COVID-19 virus lockdown so all screenings were held in private.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterMY FAMILY TREES, 18min., Documentary

festival posterIMMERSION, 7min., Switzerland, Mockumentary

festival poster303: ENDLESS NIGHT, 26min., South Korea, Drama/Fantasy

festival posterTHE LAST RIGHTS, 17min., India, Drama/Family

festival posterDOROTHEA AND THE MYOTRAGUS, 60min,. Spain, Documentary/Animation

The beginning of a (temporary) new era.

See you at the festivals. Whenever that happens!

– Matthew Toffolo

LA Festival 1st Scene Script Reading: Miserable People, by Jeff Hindenach

A young man suffers from the uncanny ability to absorb the worst memories of people he comes into physical contact with, which forces him into a lonely life of seclusion. But when he starts seeing happy memories for the first time in his life, he embarks on a mission to find the woman from the flashes in his mind, understand his power, and hopefully, stop feeling so alone.

Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Young Spencer: Sean Ballantyne

Short Film: DARK CLOUD, 15min., UK, Documentary

The story of a First Nation man who suffered deeply as a result of his abduction and indoctrination by the Canadian government during the sixties scoop.

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Director Biography – John Patrick Hayden (AMEND)

John Patrick Hayden ( writer/director/fight choreographer/actor) : is a New York based filmmaker. Awards: A BAFTA student award , and the Princess Grace Nominee for MFA in Directing at CCNY film school class of 2020. “Best film “ at three festivals for his short film: “Veritaphobia” (Comedy) and “Honorable mention for Best director “ for his short film “Aperture” (Drama) other awards garnered at the Berlin, New York Independent, Manhattan , SoCal, Beverly Hills and New Hope film festival.

Director Statement

To me AMEND is a story about the power of rediscovering hope through trying to help others, and the way we are all woven together to help each other do that.
very best and enjoy the film!

Winning BEST SCENE Reading: Bad Love Strikes, by Kevin Schewe

It’s the summer of 1974 in the small town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The kids in the Bad Love Gang live daring lives, filled with high adventure. When they stumble upon an abandoned World War II-era time machine, part of as the White Hole Project, that word adventure takes on a whole new meaning. Traveling back on a death-defying mission to Nazi-occupied Poland, the gang finds danger, excitement, and a little love in their race to rescue a group of Holocaust prisoners from certain doom. It’s Goonies meets Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Narrator: Geoff Mays
Kevin: Sean Ballantyne
Bowmar: Shawn Devlin