LA FEEDBACK Festival Testimonial – June 22, 2018

Parry Majmudar
Parry Majmudar
A big thanks to the team team in putting efforts and taking the initiative to showcase films made by filmmakers around the world and discussing it with the audiences. I really appreciate it.
It does motivate filmmakers to express and tell stories through the visual medium.

5 Star Review

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK of the Short Film:


HIGHLIGHTS, WINNERS & VIDEOS: June 2018 Horror/Thriller FEEDBACK Film Festival







Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterBEAST, 20min., Australia, Thriller/Film Noir

festival posterTHE LETTERS, 18min., UK, Thriller/Drama

festival posterSTALKER, 7min., Czech. Republic, Horror/Thriller

festival posterGORGE, 3min., USA, Horror

festival posterABOVE THE MIST, 8min, Canada/South Korea, Horror

festival posterTHE DOLLMAKER, 10min, USA, Horror/Fantasy

festival posterADDICT, 15min, Israel, Horror/Comedy

festival posterIT BEGAN WITHOUT WARNING, 6min., USA, Horror

The theme of the June 2018 HORROR/THRILLER FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles was “Sins”. Every single film was about a world and/or characters dealing with sins and conflicts of the past.

This is the festival that I’ll always remember because I consider it the turning point of the Los Angeles FEEDBACK Film Festival. It wasn’t the easiest event to get through for the crew, but they grinded it out and produced the best night we’ve had so far in Los Angeles. The feedback videos are great (make sure you watch them), put together by our new editor Kimberly Villarruel, who was the MVP of the night.

In Toronto, the great team (lead by Mary Cox & Kierston Drier) had been a part of the festival for over 2 years before they were brought on in a moderator & leadership capacity. So they were able to witness many events, and see how they can achieve success despite the muliple conflicts that can occur when producing an event where the audience’s comments are the only thing that really matter

In Los Angeles, it was a fast process for all of them. Shepsut Wilson, who moderates the festival in Los Angeles, only attended two events before she took the mic to lead the discussion. So she’s literally been doing and learning on the job at the same time. And our Festival Director’s Rachel Elder, and Natasha Levy worked at a few events in a 12 month span before they took the leadership duties. So the first few events were definitely a work in progress and learning curve for everybody.

Then June 2018 appeared and we found out what the Los Angeles team were made of. They demand perfection in a festival with so many moving parts that perfection is impossible to obtain. But attempting to get to that goal is what turns something good into something great.

Before I get too “motivational speaker”, I simply wanted to say that we have arrived in Los Angeles and we are saying put forever! With a team like this, we have nowhere to go but up for a long, long time.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo

It Began Without Warning Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from June 2018 LA Film Festival

Directed by Santiago C. Tapia & Jessica Curtright

“The time has come”, the Walrus said. And all the little Oysters stood and waited in a row. From Couper Samuelson, Executive Producer of GET OUT.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

Addict Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from June 2018 LA Film Festival

ADDICT, 15min, Israel, Horror/Comedy
Directed by Nir Yaniv

Gershon is an addict. He’s being filmed for a documentary. Unfortunately, his vice isn’t alchohol or drugs – it’s blood.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

The Dollmaker Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from June 2018 LA Film Festival

THE DOLLMAKER, 10min, USA, Horror/Fantasy 
Directed by Al Lougher

A grieving mother latches on to a magical surrogate for her lost child. But small miracles come with big consequences.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

Above The Mist Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from June 2018 LA Film Festival

ABOVE THE MIST, 8min, Canada/South Korea, Horror
Directed by Gabriel Galand

A young man seeks an assisted suicide with an illegal agency in South Korea.

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