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AUDIENCE FESTIVAL AWARDS Best Film: CRADLE Best Performances: 1950 AD Best Cinematography: ON SUNDAY Best Effects: ON SUNDAY Best Music: The music from THE EARTH SURVIVAL CODE Take a look at the Audience Feedback Videos from the LA Sci-Fi Film Festival. Some of the best short…

Winning Short Screenplay – SID by Auriga Ifill

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama An artificial intelligence is tasked with the reintroduction of human life after a bacteria wiped out the entire race. CAST LIST: Narrator: Val Cole Reporter: Mandy May Cheetham Hideo Kojima: Peter Mark Raphael Dr. Melvin Hess: Allan Michael Brunet Dr. Amy Kojima: Angelica Alejandro Get to know the writer: What is your… Continue reading Winning Short Screenplay – SID by Auriga Ifill

August 2017 – Interview with Film Festival Directors

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Read 13 interviews with festival directors from around the world:  Interviews by Matthew Toffolo Interview with Festival Director Stephanie Dadet (OUR CITY FILM PROJECT) https://festivalreviews.org/2017/08/09/interview-with-festival-director-stephanie-dadet-our-city-film-project/ Interview with Co-Festival Director Mia Davis (Queen City Cinephiles) https://festivalreviews.org/2017/08/09/interview-with-co-festival-director-mia-davis-queen-city-cinephiles/ Interview with Festival Directors Roger and Shelley Gillespie (COPA SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL) https://festivalreviews.org/2017/08/01/interview-with-festival-directors-roger-and-shelley-gillespie-copa-shorts-film-festival/ Interview with…

August 2017 – Interviews with Award Winning Short Filmmakers

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Read this month’s interviews with filmmakers from around the world. Their short films have played at multiple festivals and have won multiple awards.  Interviews by Matthew Toffolo Interview with Director Jeremy Garcia (STAR WARS: TRIALS) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2017/08/04/interview-with-director-jeremy-garcia-star-wars-trials/   Interview with Director Richard Paris Wilson (A MONSTER CALLED CHARLES) https://matthewtoffolo.com/2017/08/04/interview-with-director-richard-paris-wilson-a-monster-called-charles/   Interview…

August 2017 – Read best of NEW POETRY from around the world.

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Read the best of new poets and their poetry for August 2017:  I AM AFRAID, by Pam Lewis https://festivalforpoetry.com/2017/08/03/read-poetry-i-am-afraid-by-pam-lewis/ ARE THE STILL THE SAME, by Sunil Sharma https://festivalforpoetry.com/2017/08/03/read-poetry-are-they-still-the-same-by-sunil-sharma/ I EDIT MY LIFE, by Michael Lee Johnson https://festivalforpoetry.com/2017/08/03/read-poetry-i-edit-my-life-by-michael-lee-johnson/ GRAIN OF CHOICE, by Patrick Turner Lee https://festivalforpoetry.com/2017/08/03/read-poetry-grain-of-choice-by-patrick-turner-lee/ HEROIN, by Aylana St. Luce…

June 2017 COMEDY Stories, Screenplays, Short Films

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Submit your Comedy Screenplay or Film to the Festival Today: http://festivalforcomedy.com   ACTION BEST Scene SHORT Screenplay – TURNT June 2017 Readingby Haldane Dane Hamilton LGBT BEST Scene Screenplay – DADDY June 2017 Readingby Bernard Leed 1pg. SHORT Screenplay – THE PARK PERVERT June 2017 Readingby Mark Levitt Under 5min. SHORT…

BEST Scene Screenplay of NEVER SPEAK MY NAME, by Jo Ann Allen, Walter G Meyer, Stampp Corbin

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5MWpqBYTy4 Genre: Drama, History The story of Bayard Rustin a civil rights activist who fought resistance to his participation in the civil rights movement because he was an openly gay man. Bayard triumphs by planning the seminal 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. CAST LIST:…