LA Feedback Film Festival Testimonial – August 27 2018

Andy Koeger (ROSIE, OH)

It was cool to hear from the audience without me having to be involved in the discussion! I heard a couple new things from audience members, which was cool. The film has been circulating film festivals for about a year and a half, so I had heard lots and lots of opinions, concerns, questions, and praise throughout it’s distribution process. The film generally garners extreme opinions, and this audience was no different in that.

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LA Feedback Film Festival Testimonial – August 25 2018

Linda Gasser (WHAT IF)

Well, to be honest. I did get goosebumps right in the beginning, due to the very charming and benevolent voice at the start of the video. I must confess that I was nervous – I had never heard feedback about the film where people didn’t tell me personally. Of course I read feedback, but writing people care differently about finding the right words. I loved the audiences reactions and was exited that they had specifically talked about the ending. I must say that even if it is that open, no-one had actually ever asked be about it. So the theme the discussion was about surprised me.

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LA Feedback Festival Testimonial – August 18 2018


I wanted to enter this festival mainly due to the emphasize on the written word, so much so that you would do a table read for the winner. The feedback was great and thorough, but the best moment for me was watching the reading, to see the actor(s) snicker or hold in a laugh at something I’ve written just makes me feel great. A small(.01%) of the feeling I want when everything about this project is said and done.

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Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy

Two time travelers find themselves in conflict as they aim to bring Hitler to justice, although in vastly different ways.


Eva: Tayna Bevan
Hitler: Scott McCulloch
Narrator: Kate Fenton
Tiom: Danilo Reyes
Jonny: Michael Lake


LA Feedback Film Festival Testimonial – August 7 2018

Selon Fischer
Selon Fischer

I really liked the feedback video for my short “Bold Green”. It’s motivating and helpful – thank you so much!

5 Star Review

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BOLD GREEN, 28min., Germany, Romance/Drama 
Directed by Selon FischerAlja just finished school and wants to be an astronaut, despite her fear of heights. Together with her best friend Konrad, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis, she trains to achieve her goal.

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LA FEEDBACK Festival Testimonial – July 6 2018

Mark Renshaw
Mark Renshaw

This is a very cool festival, I’ve entered a few times and been both rejected and accepted. In either instance, you are given great feedback which actually includes suggestions….decent ones as well! This is something most festivals do not offer and if they do, they usually charge a lot extra.

The screenings and table reads are a joy to watch. It’s always a thrill to see an audience react to your film or actors reading your lines.

5 Star Review

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