LA Feedback Film Festival Testimonial – May 16 2020

Screenwriter Lea Ann Vandygriff (GLASS ANGEL)

Honestly, what you are offering for the investment is beyond affordable. For the indie screenwriter, just getting our work out there is tough and costly. The feedback and quality of this festival are far above the price we pay.
You guys are awesome!

Watch the Screenplay Reading: 

A prominent family in Ireland is torn apart by a deadly accident. Sir Andrew turns away from his crippled daughter, Calina, because he cannot bare the sight of her. He slips into a depression and turns to alcohol for comfort. Sir Andrew’s estranged sister for help. Lady Amelia not backing down from her brother’s fury gives him an ultimatum.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss

Sir. Andrew: David Jackson
Edward: Ron Boyd
Mildred: Victoria Murdoch
Anna: Lyndsay Clarkson