1pg. Short Screenplay: The Messenger You Asked For, by Brie Blount

Genre: Adventure/ Thriller Synopsis: A Civil servant defies a direct order to convict members of the audience as ‘enemies of the state’ while making an address to that Audience, when instead, the Civil servant decides to Broadcast a Message to the People in Need of Comfort and Hope in Dark, Dark Times. The results? a… Continue reading 1pg. Short Screenplay: The Messenger You Asked For, by Brie Blount

1pg. Short Screenplay: Savage Times, by Oscar Jordan

Science Fiction A criminal mastermind and a female FBI agent travel back in time to prevent the murder of African American jazz musicians in Nazi-occupied Paris. CAST LIST: Narrator: Andy Camp Ernestine (M): Allison Kampf Delores (F): Hannah Ehman ——

1pg. Short Screenplay: Mary, by Erica A. Hart

A woman named Mary is interrogated about a random day that turned out to be not so random. Genre: Comedy CAST LIST: Narrator: Allison Kampf Detective (M): Bill Poulin Mary (F): Hannah Ehman —–

Director Biography – Anya Chirkova (FLOWER BOY)

Anya Chirkova is a Russian born and raised film director. In her work, she’s always looking to tell painful and yet cathartic stories that feel strikingly personal. She is a co-founder of a Toronto based production company Funny Bone Pictures and a Humber College alumna. Anya’s goal is to develop her first feature narrative work.… Continue reading Director Biography – Anya Chirkova (FLOWER BOY)