1st Scene Script Reading: A Package Of Dreams, by Bradley M. Look

A young man is pushed into working for a delivery service by his father and finds himself connecting with a hero from his youth in a supernatural way. CAST LIST: Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss Uncle Icky (M-50s): Steve Rizzo ARCHAELOGIST #1 (M-30s): Geoff Mays ARCHAELOGIST #2 (F-30s): Hannah —-

SHORT Screenplay Reading: Triplet Triangle, by Paul Martin Hale

Synopsis: Blonde triplets are unhappy with their existing boyfriends and exchange identities to engineer partner swaps. It all works out well for everyone in the end. CAST LIST: Narrator: Val Cole Amy: Hannah Ehman Rose: Kyana Teresa Em: Elizabeth Rose Morriss Dave: Allan Michael Brunet ——————–

SHORT Screenplay Reading: Strewn Porcelain Dolls, by Michael Lane

TYPE OF STORY: An almost coming of age story. SYNOPSIS: JIMMY CRAMPOWITZ has reached boiling point with his mom, GERTRUDE CRAMPOWITZ. . She has brought him up properly- to be polite, punctual and to be very ‘woke’. Except she hasn’t given him involved love since forever. Today, Jimmy becomes an avenging angel. However, Mom isn’t… Continue reading SHORT Screenplay Reading: Strewn Porcelain Dolls, by Michael Lane