Director BIO: Mauraya Sharma (SEEPED)

An Ardent individual learning and expressing his voice comes naturally to Mauraya, a 17-year-old student, through art genres like film-making, theatre, designing, and painting. Often he describes the medium of films as an act of resistance; reshaping and molding our society. He Co-wrote and Directed the ‘Unbinding’ Short Film about a gender-sensitive outlook on desire… Continue reading Director BIO: Mauraya Sharma (SEEPED)

Short Film: SEEPED, 15min., India, Drama

Entangled in the walks of life, paper-making artist, Kaivalya tussles with her past & is reinvigorated by the exploration of sexuality, pain, filtration & unplanned co-relations. Kaivalya is entrenched within a pulp-like substance that eventually dries up and peels into textured and nuanced paper. Project Links  Website  Instagram

Short Film: COLOR ME JANE, 9min., Canada, Drama

JANE, a spunky disfigured high school counsellor, finds a gaping hole of suck in her life after her bff, DANA, gets married and leaves on her honeymoon. Jane’s consolation: the honour of dog-sitting Dana’s hyperactive mutt, COLGATE. In return for Colgate’s colour-blind, unwavering love, she takes him to the dog park, even in the rainy… Continue reading Short Film: COLOR ME JANE, 9min., Canada, Drama

Director BIO: Dailey Moore (unfinished)

Dailey Moore is a Birmingham, Alabama native majoring in Cinema Arts and Global Studies at Elon University in North Carolina. unfinished (2021), produced on 16mm and entirely in Czech, is their directorial debut and the product of a sojourn in Prague. Serving as a director, cowriter, set designer, script supervisor, and foley artist for unfinished… Continue reading Director BIO: Dailey Moore (unfinished)


Showcase of the best SHORT FILMS in the world today. AUDIENCE AWARD WINNERS: Best Film: A MARTYR OF THE PEN Best Cinematography: THE GHOUL Best Performances: CLEANING UP Best Production Design: SNOW GLOBE Best Direction: THE DECIPIO Best Sound & Music: CINDY’S DINER Theme of night: Life Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos: A MARTYR OF… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: OCTOBER 2021 CRIME/MYSTERY Film Festival