Director BIO: Mitsuyasu Sakai (ORBITAL CHRISTMAS)

Mitsuyasu Sakai was born in 1963 in Osaka, Japan. He went to Kansai University and got master’s degree for Electronics in 1988. Then, he started both working at NTT DATA as an engineer after graduation and writing articles about Sci-Fi novels and movies for magazines as a critic. In 1995, he quit a job and became a fulltime writer, then started writing for TV ANIME shows. Since then, he has been working as a script writer and a Sci-Fi supervisor for over 20 shows from OUTLAW STAR (1998) to BATMAN NINJA (2018). Meanwhile, he went to USC: School of Cinematic Arts to study movie/TV production from 2007 and got Master of Arts in 2010. ORBITAL CHRISTMAS is his first short film after he graduated USC. He fundraised whole budget of the movie from his fans in Japan through crowdfunding. He used his unique background that he did preproduction and postproduction in Tokyo and did production in Los Angeles with both Japanese and American staff.

Professional Affiliations
• Member, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan (SFWJ)
• Member, Mystery Writers of Japan, Inc. (MWJ)
• Member, Writers Guild of Japan (WGJ)

Director Statement

This movie is about two of my dreams about the future of humankind. One is the future everyone lives in peace and harmony that any religion, race, or nation can coexists. I was born and lives in Japan where most people are Asian and Buddhist and there are few other race/religion’s people, so that I was so impressed by multicultural environment when I went to USC. Especially I met and became friend with Muslim people at the first time. I am also an outsider in US as I am a foreigner and a pagan as same as Muslims from middle east, so that I feel sympathy. Then, the more I knew them, the more I liked them, even they have quite different religious lifestyle from us. This movie is kind of a love letter from me to them (Of course, I showed my script to my Muslim friends and got their approval before the shooting). The other is the future we can reach out to the stars. When I was a child, most of us believed we would build a base on Moon and went to Mars and beyond. With our technology, we can do it and we should do it for the next generations to expand our living boundary and solve environmental problems. Though it is drawn by CGI in the movie, it is certain real images in my head. We must build this future, IMHO. And, of course, I want to be known as a writer/director by this short movie. So, this movie is my dream project in many ways.

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