Director Biography – Stimson Snead (SPIRIT: A MARTIAN STORY)

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Award-winning director, illustrator, and ten-year veteran of the indie scene. With multiple stage musicals, short stories and comic strips also to his name.

Some describe him as an open-minded team leader who lends his signature style to projects with grace and good humor while still respecting the ethos that informs the source material. Although others have described him as a ticking time bomb of insanity and social anxiety, ready to go screaming off the deep end at any-

Director Statement

The story of SPIRIT and OPPORTUNITY is an extraordinarily inspirational one. It resonates on a gut level to all of us working in and following the science and space community. That this effect is so often lost on the laymen is a fact we’ve resigned ourselves to.

But the online comic XKCD: SPIRIT by Randall Monroe, succeeded in driving home just how meaningful this story was. Becoming an instant internet meme shared by young and old alike.

It has been a pleasure of the filmmakers to translate that comic to film in order to share the inspiration of SPIRIT: A Martian Story, with the world!

-Stimson Snead

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