Director BIO: Evan Galeano (SECONDBORN)

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Evan transitioned from a focus in literature to filmmaking at the age of fifteen. During his time in SDSU’s Film Program, Evan explored multiple genres, from horror, drama and action/thriller. He had a total of nine films premiere at the SDSU Best of the Best Festival, SDSU Emerging Filmmakers showcase, and Campus Movie Fest.

Evan is currently working as a freelance digital marketing manager, videographer for multiple brands including Avante Magazine. He previously set PA’d for Marvel’s “The Runaways” and was an office PA at NBC Universal, assisting the following shows: Law & Order SVU, Chicago Fire, MED, P.D. and a new series titled “FBI.”

“Secondborn,” is a return to the writer/director’s dramatic, literary roots.


Director Statement


Director’s Note

When I was in high school, a close friend of mine confided in me that he was homosexual, and confided in me of some issues he was having with his family accepting him. I was not prepared for what my friend had told me, as I myself was raised in a household that held negative views toward the LGBTQ community. This created a moral dilemma for me – a contradiction of beliefs. On one hand, I had been taught that this behavior was a sin and a choice . On the other hand, my close friend’s experience made me realize that what I had been previously taught – that this behavior was a sin and a choice – was a belief I no longer agreed with. I realized the destructive implications this belief had on every LGBTQ person. I realized that being there for my friend in his time of crisis was more important than any differences we had.

In doing more research, I found statistics that saw an increase in homeless and bullied LGBTQ teenagers who lived in specific regions and smaller, rural communities. In making this film, I want to create something that takes a different approach to the LGBTQ story, from the perspective of a someone struggling to between their deep-seated bigotry, and their own family member. I feel that the pressing issue of homophobia in smaller communities is something that many individuals in more progressive regions of the US may not be fully aware of.

Where “Secondborn” sets itself apart from other LGBT films is that it’s protagonist, Aaron, is not gay. He offers an objective view of two extremes, while also symbolizing the importance of the individual in swaying mob-mentality. Aaron represents newer generations in the United States who are waking up, beginning to realize that their voices matter and that they have a responsibility to help and support disenfranchised minorities, whether that be with LGBT issues or broader social issues currently dividing our country.

– Evan Galeano
Writer/Director of “Secondborn”

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