Short Film: THE DOOR, 12min., USA, Thriller/Drama

Directed by Nicholas Carrodo
In the weeks following a family tragedy, brothers Neil and Chris head out on a hunting trip. After some unexplained events, they soon find themselves face to face with a sight that will stick with them for the rest of their lives: a door in the middle of the woods.

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Director Biography – Nicholas Carrodo

Nicholas Carrodo is an award winning director and writer with a penchant for thrillers with a supernatural twist. His pandemic produced, science fiction short film, Intrusion (2021), won sixteen awards on the festival circuit. Most recently, he’s been working on The Door (2022), which had a massively successful IndieGoGo campaign and features a chilling encounter in the woods.

Director Statement

The Door is a proof of concept short film created in the hopes of finding funding or a distributor for a feature film that has been in the works for over 5 years. This short is an altered version of the beginning of the feature film. There are many more mysteries to unravel and explore.

This short in particular is incredibly personal. It’s essentially how I view the concept of death. After losing people very close to me in the winter of 2020, I made this as a way to cope with and accept what happened. This film is very special and personal to me. Although it will never be explicitly stated in the film, The Door is an allegory for death and my view of it. When someone dies, they’re taken from you. Out of the billions of people on the earth, at some point our loved ones will be “chosen”. They will be taken from us and sent into the unimaginable void that is death. Are they okay wherever they are? Will we ever see them again? To me it’s almost like they pass through a door, never to be seen again. Death itself is not evil, it is natural. It comes for us all no matter how we lived in life. No matter how good you are or how evil and vile you are, you will not be spared by your own mortality. I’ve always viewed horror as an exaggeration of our reality. Our everyday fears translated into things that are larger than life. I want to incorporate these very thoughts into the film.

Something as simple as a door can be terrifying if perceived in the right context. As odd as it sounds, I see a stationary door as the perfect embodiment of death itself. Wherever it may be, no matter if you see it throughout your life or only at the very end, it is always out there. Patiently waiting until it is your time to open it up and pass through.

This short film is dedicated to everyone we lost and those we wish to see again.

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