Short Film: VELVET SKY, 16min., Drama

Directed by Charles Jon Gray
A young filmmaker named Miguel meets his director idol in Victor, who agrees to mentor him. Their relationship turns toxic as Miguel must decide if Victor’s guidance is more valuable than it is vindictive. This story deals with themes such as “crab mentality” and the damaging effects it can have.

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Director Biography – Charles Jon Gray

Charles Gray is a Filipino American writer and director who grew up in the small town of West Covina, CA. He comes from a movie industry family back home in the Philippines. After seeing his dad Frank Quizon Jr. Gray on set during a trip to the Philippines, Charles decided then and there that he would continue the family legacy and decided to go to film school at the Art Institute of Orange County, Ca. where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Digital Filmmaking. Since then he has worked in media companies in the entertainment industry including WAV Media and Character Media, where he is currently the head of digital content. Charles has also wrote and directed music videos, documentaries, commercials and short films under his production company, “weird creatures”. Charles is currently writing his first feature film called, “Velvet Sky”.

Director Statement

This film is a deeply personal film of mine because it taps into a real life experience that I had with a mentor who I thought was looking out for my best interests. It turns out that the bond we shared slowly became toxic over time and I felt it was better to leave the situation than to endure the distress and hurt it had caused. In this story, I am dealing with the theme of “crab
mentality” which is a term used in the Filipino community that depicts the idea of people in higher ranking positions not wanting to help those below them in fear that they will rise up higher than them in ranking. Whether it be in social status, an employment position, or any other form of success.

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