Short Film: WE ARE THE APOCALYPSE !, 30min., Canada, Drama/Comedy

Directed by Charles William Lane
An “arts collective” turns to terrorism to enact a grand scheme of social justice, but their plans go awry when they realize they’ve been conned from within. With nothing to lose, they change tack and return to what they know best.

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Director Biography

Charles is a New York based television producer, writer and director, living in Jackson Heights, Queens. Working mostly in the true crime genre, he has produced programming for ABC, CBS, NBC, Identification Discovery, CNN and the Oxygen Channel. He also has an extensive background in theater and music, which he draws from in his writing.

Charles’ first feature-length screenplay, “Identification: Laura Bracken,” has won awards at festivals across the globe, and his new short film, “We Are the Apocalypse !,” which he wrote, produced and directed, is the first in what he hopes to be a series of films for his new production company, Country Life Films.
With an eye to the future, Charles hopes to produce and direct two other shorts he has written: one a psychological thriller about art, commerce, madness and murder; and one a comedy about Jai Alai and the vicissitudes of middle age. He also hopes to get the backing to produce his second feature-length script, a black comedy about espionage and the modern spy game.

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