The Cook and the Chef Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK Video from March 2019 Los Angeles Film Festival

Directed by Andre Sitolini

In a town famous for their popular master chief, a young cook competes against him to prove his worth.


Director BIO: Andre Sitolini (THE COOK AND THE CHEF)

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Andre Sitolini is an animation fanatic who sharpened his talent at California State University Monterey Bay, as a Cinematic Arts & Technology major. Recently graduated in Spring 2018, Andre continues to study and produce animation at his own time. Having many years practicing animation, he is also an expert in Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Visual Effects, Editing, and Sound Design. There is no challenge or technical shot that Andre can’t handle.


Director Statement


When I made The Cook and the Chef, I wanted to make a film that had a personal message. To me, it’s not enough for a film to show off a cool visual or a cool story if it doesn’t show yourself. The Cook and The Chef is a film about the under dog in an age where popularity matters more to people than skill.

I wanted to animate a lot of technically impressive scenes with unique character designs and fun movements. I really wanted to pour my entire talent into this film as to prove this film itself is an under dog.