Addict Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from June 2018 LA Film Festival

ADDICT, 15min, Israel, Horror/Comedy Directed by Nir Yaniv Gershon is an addict. He’s being filmed for a documentary. Unfortunately, his vice isn’t alchohol or drugs – it’s blood. CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

Director BIO: Nir Yaniv (ADDICT)

Director – Nir Yaniv Nir Yaniv (Hebrew: ניר יניב‎) is an Israeli musician, author and editor. In 2000 he founded the webzine of the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and was its chief editor for seven years. In 2007 he became chief editor of Chalomot Be’aspamia, Israel’s only professional printed SF&F magazine.