Short Screenplay – THE TRENCH by Chris Beadnell

Watch the July 2016 Winning 1pg. Short Screenplay¬† THE TRENCH by Chris Beadnell CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Sean Kaufmann EASON – Robert Notman 1st LIEUTENANT – Neil Bennett GERMAN SOLDIER – Devin Upham CARTER – Michael Kazarian Get to know the winning writer Chris Beadnell: 1. What is your screenplay about? A moment in time… Continue reading Short Screenplay – THE TRENCH by Chris Beadnell

1pg. Screenplay Contest

The Los Angeles FEEDBACK Festival Presents: Submit a screenplay that is only 1 page long and have it performed at the Writing Festival by professional actors. Also garner FULL FEEDBACK on your work. (NOTE: The screenplay submission must be properly formatted.) SPECIAL DEAL: Submit for only $10 today. Most of the screenplays will be accepted… Continue reading 1pg. Screenplay Contest