Short Film: TO BECOME BORN, 5min., USA, Music Video

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

“To Become Born” is the first of a series of musical reflections on birth, life, death, grief, and joy that was inspired by my experiences trying to move forward after the passing of my newborn son in 2014. After experiencing such immense pain after his loss, I faced depression and feelings of hopelessness to the point where grocery shopping was unbearable. Through various therapies, community support, and time, I found that I softened to my experience and did not come out cynically, but rather I found profound beauty in both the triumphs and the tragedies of life. This song is a question of “would I do it again; come back to Earth to be born, knowing how much pain and suffering there is?” My answer is a resounding yes and an encouragement to others to hopefully be able to find some peace amidst their struggles.

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