Short Film: CSEND/DAYS WITHOUT TALKING, 4min., Begium, Romance

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CSEND/DAYS WITHOUT TALKING, 4min., Begium, Romance
Directed by Patricia Delso Lucas
Nora and Florent can’t find love; one out of fear of being alone, the other out of fear of being herself.

Director Biography – Patricia Delso Lucas

Patricia Delso Lucas is an independent screenwriter, film director and cinematographer (graduated from Skillset Screen Academy Scotland, with an MFA in Film Directing).

She was born in Madrid in 1980 and she is currently based in Brussels, where she has lived since 2013. Her first steps in filmmaking were creative documentaries. Her graduation work, an autobiographical documentary titled “Just to Call You Dad”, was nominated for the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards in 2010.

Then, she participated in various international workshops focused on fiction cinema: in screenplay at New York University (2011), at Sundance Shorts Lab (2011) and at (2021), in directing at Prague Film School (2015) and London Film School (2014, 2015, 2021), in cinematography at the Global Cinematography Institute (2017) Los Angeles and at Maine Media Workshops (2018), USA, in directing actors with Udayan Prasad in London (2017) and with Beatriz Flores Silva in Brussels (2018, 2019).

Her work ranges from narrative drama to black comedy, to westerns, audiovisual poems, experimental films and documentaries. The stories she feels drawn to writing and directing are heavily character-driven, and the audiovisual universe she builds around them often has a thin line between the real and the unreal.

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