Director BIO: Sigal Erez (WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?)

Director Statement


The movie has powerful narrative, action, and perhaps most importantly an extremely relevant message, not only about the Holocaust, but about the forgotten bond between Blacks and Jews. A bridge is formed to close a huge gap between generations who do not know about each other’s history. We also see how ignorance remains today about stereotypes.

My hope is that we will realize that we are all noted on a list much higher than a tangible one; that each one of us is a divine soul in God’s eyes. When the intention is purely from the heart, miracles happen.

An extraordinary D.P. named Daron Keet agreed to shoot the film with top film equipment and a great crew for less than his usual compensation. Daron Keet: “Working with female directors is great because they are not afraid to ask questions and advise… I would love to work with Sigal Erez on any film.”

An A-list post production house led by Marcel Lehrer felt a strong connection to the film subject. He and his team (Paul Ratajczack, Mark Ettel, Hall Cantrell, Scott Radke, Patrick Sullivan) worked after hours on all aspects of the post production. From original score to sound design, they worked without being compensated.

My son Jacob, a 13 year old, operated the drone for a scene at the end of the film.

I am both grateful and emotional when I think of the many challenges and sacrifices my son and I made, but at the end we had angels coming our way.

I strongly believe that until now women were lacking opportunities. There were assumptions that women, for example, cannot direct big action movies. Or that women can only do a soft love story. My goal, and I’m sure most women would agree, is that we are not limited. We’re able to tell all kinds of stories. And we should be given an equal opportunity to create and to do so.

This story to me is about bringing two people together, who otherwise, wouldn’t meet each other. In life, it’s those surprising encounters that help us break stereotypes, preconceived notions, and show us at the end of the day that our basic, most important factor in life is love and kindness.

I believe Women in Film is an excellent platform for a creator like myself. My stories are very diverse. They reflect the many cultures, religions, and people that are influential in my life and who I have been exposed to. With an international family, several languages are spoken at our dinner table, and our looks are very diverse. We are adamant about not creating categories, not judging, and always being with an open heart to meet a person and judge their character based on our own experience with them.

I want to be an impactful storyteller. I want to make movies about extremely various subjects. I will make Women in Film proud.

Thank you for your consideration,
Sigal Erez

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