Director BIO: Ellie Harvie (SCATTERED)

Ellie harvie headshot

For the past 25 years Ellie Harvie has made a living as a TV and Film actress in Vancouver. She came through Theatre (Vancouver Playhouse School) and, with strong roots in local improv (Vancouver TheatreSports League) and the stand-up scene (Yuk-Yuks, Lafflines), comedy is her forte. From playing Morticia, in “The NewAddams Family” to Candace/Mrs. Bubkes in “Some Assembly Required” and the hundred other titles in between, she is a pro in front of the camera. In that time she has learned, watched and waited to make the transition to directing, backed with a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. A director on the board of UBCP/ACTRA, Ellie has huge regard for all the members of the sister unions, as well as the producers. Together we all make up this thriving, growing industry. Having achieved her goal of being a well respected actor in the city, her goal is now to be one of Vancouver’s best looking directors. Scattered marks her directorial debut.

Director Statement

When you hit a certain age you start to lose people. Cremation and scatterings are no longer sacred events in your imagination. They become a part of the nitty gritty of life. I remember buckling my father’s urn into the front seat of my car, which he had sat in a thousand times. What appealed to me about the script was normalizing the experience of scattering ashes. Because it is normal. We hold death at such a distance in this culture. Like a part of life, death and all its rituals are imperfect, flawed and finite.

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