Director BIO: David S Armstrong (PLEASURE PALS)

Eac770b36a headshot

David S Armstrong has been an editor and director in Los Angeles for 22 years.
Commercials (partial list): Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Titleist, Chevy
TV Series (partial list): Deadliest Catch, Wipeout, Undercover Boss, currently Survivor.

Director Statement

Despite the US being a multicultural country, minority groups are often subject to discrimination, ranging from racist comments to violent hate crimes. I created a Pixar-style animated satire that illustrates the prejudice that others experience through the eyes of the most discriminated-against toys on the planet: sex toys.

I had to learn about 11 computer programs to complete this project on my own; Writing, directing, modeling, animating, compositing, sound mixing, editing and voice over…I did It all…and it’s been an exhausting three-year ride.

I hope you’ll enjoy and share. Maybe one day we can all put an end to Toyscrimination.

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