Director BIO: Alicia Coppola (BETWEEN US)

Director Biography – Alicia Coppola

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Alicia Coppola has just completed the 8th Season of Showtime’s Shameless in the recurring role of Sue, recently starred opposite Keifer Sutherland on ABC’s Designated Survivor and stars opposite Bailee Madison in the recently released feature film, A Cowgirl’s Story for Samuel Goldwyn Films. She also recurs on CBS’s NCIS LA and recently co-starred opposite Zac Efron in Max Joseph’s Feature film We Are Your Friends. She has recently appeared on TruTv’s Those Who Can’t, FX’s Sons Of Anarchy, CBS’s Criminal Minds and as the Iconic role of Talia Hale on MTV’s Teen Wolf. During Alicia’s career, she is known for the role of Lorna Devon on NBC’s long running soap opera Another World, has been Series Regular on television series such as CBS’s Jericho, TNT’s Bull, NBC’s Cold Feet, and Trinity, to name just a few. She has recurred on ABC FAMILY’s Nine Lives Of Chloe King and USA’s Common Law, and is highly recognizable for her roles in CBS’s CSI and Two And A Half Men, NBC’s Law And Order; Criminal Intent, Crossing Jordan, USA’s SUITS and the Feature film National Treasure 2, Book Of Secrets.

Alicia has an extensive voice over career, as the tag voice of Acura, the voice of Kikkoman, Publix, the trailer of Pedro Almodovar’s Volver, and “She Hulk” in the Iron Man games to name just a few.

Alicia is a published author. Her book Gracefully Gone was launched June 2013 in time for Father’s Day on and Gracefully Gone is a decade long dialogue between her father Matt, and Alicia as he lay dying from brain cancer while she struggled to grow up within that murky shadow. It is a fusion of two journals; her father’s writings from his 1980 diagnosis until his 1983 remission and Alicia’s journal from 1989-1991 as she cared for him until his passing.

Alicia is from Long Island, NY and holds a Bachelors Degree from NYU in Political Anthropology and Philosophy. Alicia is a Global Ambassador for The Elizabeth Kubler Ross Foundation and sits on the Board Of Directors for HealGrief and AMF.

She currently lives in California with her husband and their three daughters.

Director Statement

My father Matt was diagnosed with brain cancer when I was 12 years old. He died when I was 22. He was only 48.
I celebrated his life in 2013 when my book Gracefully Gone was published. It is a combination of both our journals: His documenting his diagnosis and treatment and mine documenting coming of age with a dying father. I did that then because in 2013 I had been without my father longer than I had been with him. I wrote Between Us in 2017 to celebrate my life and the year I have outlived him as I have just turned 49.
I would love to imagine him here with me now; watching me, seeing my girls, being apart of our lives. I remember when I got married; my husband Anthony and I eloped and the woman who assisted the Minister (We loved this…Father James Morrison!) told me as I was about to walk down the little aisle, “He is with you. He is here.” I knew he was and I felt him…But what if I could see him? Talk to him? Have a conversation with him?
I can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who has not been affected by loss. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all take a walk home from kid drop off with our departed loved one’s? Wouldn’t that be something?
Someone recently asked me, since my dad died so long ago “aren’t I over it?”
I will never be “over it.” I am not in therapy every day over it. I do not experience the pain over it every day or even every month. But he will always and forever be a part of the tapestry that is me. 49 years ago when I left his body and swam into my mother this became my story. He became my story. I became his and I am alive right now to tell it. I will retell it and wonder at it, I will share it and covet it until I have told all the story there is to tell.
I have written Between Us for him. For us.
Because, Between Us is between us.
But over an Entenmann’s coffee cake (we New York Italian’s LOVE the Entenmann’s) and a scotch, I don’t think he would mind me gossiping a bit.

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