THE REVELATOR, 24min., Belgium, Thriller/Mystery

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New York – 2017
Thirty-year-old Mason Johnson is at the peak of his career at Lambertson Pharmaceuticals. He’s got it all: he’s handsome, successful and rich.
He’s also a narcissistic douchebag.

After an unconventional heart attack, Mason dies in the company elevator as it halts mid-way. The elevator transforms into a place between heaven and hell, the floors representing the years of his life. A man who calls himself God, takes Mason on a trip through various stages of his life. And it’s not looking good.
Judgment day is here. But repentance is not a part of the Mason Johnson playbook. He’s never backed down in his life, and it doesn’t look like he’s inclined to start now.

The Revelator is a thriller with a dark sense of humor, tracing the boundaries of good and evil as we wonder whether a God is still necessary to dictate what is right and what is wrong.

How much is your place in ‘Heaven’ worth?
Who judges the judge, and who should kneel for mercy?
Why should we even bother so hard to be ‘good’?
Shouldn’t God have done a better job to begin with?
And more importantly… who is this ‘God’ guy anyway?

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