HORROR Movie Pitches. Read over 150 feature script horror film loglines

The Horror Film. No matter what you think of them, it is a powerful movie genre that makes a lot of money for the studios. It has a large fan base which seems to be getting more popular every year thanks in large part to the internet and countless blogs written about them. Other than perhaps Comic Book/Action movies, no other genre is talked about more online than the horror genre.

Recently, on my personal blog, I talked about this genre while promoting the Top 100 Horror Films of All-Time List:
Horror Movies. WILDsound’s Top 100 Best of All-Time

There is a large debate about how they impact people. Are they just harmless entertainment, or can they linger in a negative way in our dreams and subconscious? And is there a line that shouldn’t be crossed in terms of violence and abuse of women? Is some of it really just “torture…

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