ACTION Films – Read over 200 Action Feature Screenplay Logline/Pitches

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review

Action movies. If you were brought up in my cusp generation X-Y age, you were basically born on action movies. Raiders of the Lost Arc started it all for me. Then I moved to the Schwarzenegger/Stallone years with a mix of Willis. The 90s were the beginning of the CGI generation, which lead to today’s superhero or “I’m a bad guy who does good things” action movie age.

Action films will always be in the mainstream because they cross generations. Even before movies were invented, action/adventure novels were all the rage. Plus, you can argue that Western movies were the action films of their time. We enjoy seeing our main character in an extraordinary situation as they attempt to dispose of the bad people. Or, perhaps we just like seeing things blown up. There are different reasons why we like our action.

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