KGNOW interviews Moderator Shepsut Wilson

 Join Shepsut Wilson and LA Feedback Film Festival Every Month in Los Angeles. This video was shot prior to the airing of LA Feedback Film Festival’s November 2018 event at Regal Cinemas near LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles. Brought to you by WILDSOUND, the free festival is held the first Thursday of every month… Continue reading KGNOW interviews Moderator Shepsut Wilson

Short Screenplay – Drac’s Cafe by Scot Walker

Watch the August 2016 Winning 1pg. Short Screenplay  Drac’s Cafe  by Scot Walker SYNOPSIS: Genre: Fantasy, Comedy Dracula, Political Correctness and Greenwich Village. CAST LIST: NARRATOR – Sean Ballantyne DRACULA- Lorne Hiro SERVER – David Straus GAY VAMP – Rais Muoi Get to know the winning writer:  What is your screenplay about? It’s a protest piece… Continue reading Short Screenplay – Drac’s Cafe by Scot Walker