Director BIO: Karl Shefelman (MEMORY BOX)

Karl recently completed his debut feature film, “Looking for the Jackalope”- a cautionary tale about nostalgia. The film won the JURY AWARD for BEST COMEDY FEATURE AND the AUDIENCE AWARD for BEST U.S. FEATURE at the 2017 Austin Revolution Film Festival. Distributed by Indie Rights, it is now available on Amazon Prime. Karl wrote a… Continue reading Director BIO: Karl Shefelman (MEMORY BOX)

Short Film: MEMORY BOX, 11min., USA, Drama

A man’s visit with a loved one leads to a shattering revelation. : MEMORY BOX tells a character-driven story about a father and his son that prompts viewers to think more deeply about the power and mystery of memory. Based in part on the novel by writer/producer Daniel Blake Smith, MR. WONDERFUL (2018). Project Links… Continue reading Short Film: MEMORY BOX, 11min., USA, Drama