Winning DIVERSITY 1st Scene Script Read: Exes And Ohs, by Isabella Rebecca Vergun, Isobel Bradbury

Scotty and Kat are BFFFs (Best Friends For-Fucking-Ever). So when Kat wants to elope with Hazel, a girl she’s only known for six months, Scotty knows that it’s his job to stop Kat from making a huge mistake. Armed with the knowledge of Hazel’s recent breakup from her douchey ex-boyfriend, Topher, Scotty makes Topher an offer: road trip with him to stop the wedding, and maybe he can even win Hazel back in the process. But with the girls speeding toward the altar and the boys hot on their heels, the thin lines between love and hate blur enough to make everyone wonder where this road trip is really taking them.


Narrator: Allison Kampf
Scotty: Steve Rizzo
Kat: Hannah Ehman