Short Film: ANIMAL APPETITES, 11min., Canada, Drama/Comedy

Directed by Quentin Ferrant
A struggling massage therapist is solicited by one of her clients for a sexual favor in exchange for money and a misbehaving pet.

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Director Biography – Quentin Ferrant

Quentin Ferrant is a Canadian writer, director and producer with a passion for classic Hollywood movies. Before entering the movie industry, Quentin worked as a ballroom and latin dance instructor in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area.

His time on and off the dance floor gave him tenacity and a shrewd business sense for working in a highly creative and competitive industry. Throughout his dancing career, Quentin never stopped writing short stories and developed a visual and economic writing style best suited for scriptwriting.

Driven by his passion for storytelling, Quentin enrolled in Humber College’s Film and Television Production Program. He graduated in 2021 with several award winning shorts and the Meridian Artist’s scholarship in Screenwriting under his belt.

While completing his college education, Quentin founded ECCE Media House. “The philosophy of our company is simple; if a movie, like many modern art pieces, needs an essay to explain why it is great, then it probably isn’t. ECCE Media strives to promote and produce movies that are great because they reflect something true, beautiful and good. All you have to do is look, behold, or as they say in Latin, Ecce!” – Q.F.

Director Statement

I grew up on a farm and shared a house with seven siblings and various pets; including parrots, Guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, fishes, turtles, and even raccoons. Funny enough, cats were never allowed in the house.

Perhaps that is what drew me to writing and directing this story. Why aren’t cats allowed in houses (or my parent’s farmhouse at least)? My overactive imagination came up with several reasons and over time I developed the story you see now. Enjoy! – Quentin

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