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Directed by Andrew Palmer
Yuki goes to a movie with friends; Panda attacks, wearing a Cloak of Invisible Aura!

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Director Biography – Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer is a Toronto based Director, Producer, Novelist and Screenwriter. He co-developed the award-winning animated series Yuki vs. Panda, adapted from the internationally published comic book of the same title. His novella Awake and novel The Bridge both received critical acclaim from and Reedsy. Andrew’s music video Endless Road achieved semi-finalist at multiple US festivals. He graduated from computer engineering, and is a full member of the DGC, with over 12 years of experience on TV & Film productions. In 2014, Andrew founded
Synapz Productions.

Director Statement

Yuki vs. Panda is an original animated series intended for adult audience, that explodes onto the screen as an outrageous East-meets-West action comedy.
Ostensibly, the season one arc is about a college student training to win her school Olympics -and the heart of a new boy in town- while a giant panda bear seeks revenge against her for biting off his ear over spilled ice cream.
But the true story unravels a mysterious secret force that binds the universe together, and the malevolent evil that threatens to tear it all apart.
Yuki vs. Panda reinvents the school anime form, using a film noir revenge plot that turns all standard tropes upside down. The ridiculous premise of a girl biting off a panda’s ear over ice cream sets up an outrageous story universe where anything is possible. While satirizing modern existence through a variety of characters and their personal storylines, the main arc of the series is structured around a cerebral, introspective and vengeful panda bear.
This Saved by the Bell version of Road to Perdition grows from seemingly random events into an epic multi-layered tale of good vs evil.
We hope you love it!

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