Short Film: NASTY, 7min., USA, Experimental

The weird girl in class invites the hottest guy in school to her dinner party.

Director Biography – Paige Dillon

Paige is a writer and director born in Monroe, New York, currently living in Brooklyn with her pet rat Neptune. She is passionate about film and theater, but above all else, keeping things campy. Her goal in every work is to make people laugh and show them something they’ve never seen before.
Since graduating from NYU’s Tisch Film program, she has worked as a testing coordinator for HBO, and presently as an Art Assistant at Showtime. When she is not working, she is embroidering memes, hosting elaborate murder mysteries, or marveling at the sky with her besties.

Director Statement

Directing this film showed me who I want to be as a filmmaker. I had spent most of my time in school trying to fit into a mold of what I thought a story should be. Three-act structures, serious characters, naturalistic dialogue, etc. But then, when writing this script, I thought of my biggest inspiration, Caryl Churchill. I love her work because it consistently surprises me, makes me think about life and story in new ways, and feels so completely unique to her voice. From there, I escaped the shackles of my mind, and Nasty was born.
My three leads made this project so special. Not only are they incredible actors, but they are my friends. I have been acting with Josie since I was 12, Cindy and I became fast friends in our first film production class at school, and Matt is a new friend I made along the way.
On set, we finished shooting early and laughed all day. Everyone walked away having had one of their best student-set experiences. I am so proud of myself for cultivating an environment that was simultaneously productive and fun; everything I believe filmmaking should be.
All in all, this is my proudest accomplishment to date. I hope you enjoy my film as much as I enjoyed making it. Stay nasty.

By lafeedbackfilmfestival

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