Short Film: RECOMPOSED, 9min., USA, Experimental

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RECOMPOSED, 9min., USA, Experimental
Directed by Jordan Ingram
Jared Blizzard is a composer and every day he sits at his desk, creating musical wonders for not just gnarly bay and our assortment of commercial clients, but to fulfill the inner pull of his soul toward sound. Occasionally that inner pull leads him down different roads, through dreams and ideas, alongside ghosts and forgotten memories to a more tactile experience.

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Director Biography – Jordan Ingram

Jordan Ingram is a long time collaborator at gnarly bay. As the lead in-house editor he’s made big contributions to the development of the gnarly bay style and has had a hand in nearly every gnarly project over the last twelve years, editing films such as The Important Places, Rambo Day, The Time Travelers, (people) of water, Rosso Day, Sand in the Sky, Thomas Deinenger: Trash Artist, 157, Rural Runner and many more. He dabbles in directing, animation and title design, scripts and concepts. He’s also a metalcore enthusiast and spends much of his free time writing/recording rock’n’roll as well as occasional music video production.

Director Statement

Creating this little glimpse into the soul of a dear friend was nothing short of dream come true. It began as a low pressure experiment and once the first day of filming in the snow took place it quickly developed into a more substantial passion project that turned the creative gears of all the minds involved. I’m very much grateful for the talents of our DP Tyler Murgo, our colorist Jack Ieronimo and of course the musical wizard himself Jared Blizzard as well as the rest of the team at Gnarly Bay.

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