Short Film: VAVEYLA, 10min., Turkey, Drama

The story set in an unnamed school begins with a teacherentering the school with an olive sapling. Parents enter the classroom with boxes, each of different sizes, each symbolizing a different student, and deliver the boxes to the teacher. The teacher takes special care of each of the boxes, repairs the worn, ripped, neglected sides with band-aids and uses a brush and paint to make them look more beautiful. During the school year, the teacher continues these processes and maintains care for the boxes. The teacher realizes that some parents care for their boxes while others neglect them. Despite the teacher reaching out to them, it is seen that some of the parents are still not interested in their boxes. Towards the end of the school year, the teacher, who noticesmovement in the boxes of the parents that cared for their boxes, opens the boxesand sees doves that have hatched from their eggs. The other parents who did not care for their boxes blame the teacher for the lack of doves in their boxes and report the teacher to the officials. Inspectors who come after this complaint realize that the incident is not related to the teacher, but that the parents caused this situation. Despite this, some parents persistently accuse the teacher and invade the classroom. They assault the teacher symbolically by breaking the paint brush, which is the teacher’s most important tool. After the scene darkens, the screen turns back on. We see that the olive sapling brought by the teacher has grown and the teacher is standing on the olive tree as a white dove. A text appears in the sky.

By lafeedbackfilmfestival

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