Director Biography – Nils Lane (AGAINST MY WILL)

After making his first short-film out of passion in 2005 at the age of 19, Nils Lane then devoted himself to his engineering studies and his professional career.
Fifteen years later, he decides to immerse himself entirely in the cinematographic universe he has liked so much since his earliest childhood. A multitasking man, he takes care of the screenwriting, the directing and all the other stages of his self-financed productions.

He likes to write and direct his films with one thing in mind “Nothing is what it seems”. Indeed, there is one point where he makes no concessions : the story. This is the foundation for any movie and for him, if it is badly prepared, it will be felt throughout the rest of the film. This is why he spends a lot of time on the writing and especially on the part where he will surprise the viewers. This leads him to enjoy the science fiction and fantasy genres but he enjoys amazing the audience in drama or thriller as well.

Living in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Paris, he thrives on its film sets to beautify his fictions. Yet, a good story and beautiful decors are not enough for Nils Lane. The acting is the part that gives life to his stories and he can be demanding with his cast. But one of the parts where he is the most uncompromising is without contest the post-production. Even if he is still a beginner at it, editing, sound mixing, color grading and all the other post-production parts are completely and strictly managed end to end by him.

His goal is to one day be the screenwriter and director of a produced feature-length motion picture. In the meantime, he is preparing many short films projects (drama, thriller and sci-fi) but also a web series about social and emotional relationships in our generation.

Director Statement

Even though this story is a fiction, it was written from real events experienced or told by those very close to me. My own experience with lockdowns is also infused into the storyline.
It is indeed this common experience lived by many people that inspired me to write a story describing the slow downfall of a person affected by the deprivation of freedom that destroys her psychologically. I also wanted to explore the consequences on her married, family and professional life.

Based on what happened in France in November 2020, the story was written in December 2020, shot in January 2021 and the post-production took place until April 2021 to deliver the movie in the heat of the moment as the subject is very contemporary.
Due to their very recent experience of such events, many people will find themselves in one or more of the characters portrayed in this short film.

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