1st Scene TV PILOT Script Reading: NECROPOLIS, by Caledonia Hanson

Necropolis: A violent and seedy hell on earth, the part of the city everyone warns you about. When 18-year-old Eddie Soreno ventures into this insidious place to uncover the truth of his father’s past, only his sister, Maria, holds hope that he will return alive. Against the clock, Maria goes in after him, willingly risking her life so that her brother won’t suffer the same fate as their father.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Horaz: Sean Ballantyne

By lafeedbackfilmfestival

Submit your Feature & Short Film and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles. Festival takes place at L.A. LIVE’s Regal Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles. Festival takes place a least once a month.

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