Director Biography – Margarita Milne (WAVES)

Margarita Milne is a writer-director from South London. She was awarded a scholarship from the David Lean Foundation for her Directing Fiction MA at the NFTS and has a BA in English Literature from the University of Cambridge. Her first short film, La La Means I Love You, was nominated for Best U25 and Best Director at Underwire 2018, and she has since made four short films. Margarita’s interests lie in psychological thrillers and docu- fictions. She is also a photographer and singer. Prior to the NFTS, she was a Develop Ambassador for The Photographers’ Gallery and has a music project called Margie.

Director Statement

WAVES is a visual poem about the end of a relationship. When Michelle and I embarked on the project, we were excited by the prospect of using water and surf imagery to characterise toxic love. We felt it was rich soil because of the complicated love affair surfers have with the ocean – waves can treat you well but they can also be cruel, thrashing and pulling you down. Despite Tom’s oscillating moods, Serena stays – she loves him. It isn’t until she realises that he is ultimately indifferent to her that she decides to leave. The wetsuit is therefore a metaphor for her freeing herself and shedding him. It’s the start of her feeling comfortable in her own skin again.

We have experimented with music and sound design in this film to characterise a feeling of intense claustrophobia and confusion. We hope the film brings audiences a sense of release – and a feeling that, although extremely difficult, there’s a way out.

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