Short Film: A BROKEN WING, 11min., Israel, Drama/Family

Tony is a strong, independent woman with a unique and striking look, but all that is in stark contrast with her position of her power balance between her and her old mom Denise. She is an opinionated, resolute and self-absorbed woman. She’s apparently independent, but when Tony is present, she expresses practical and emotional dependency.
Her second daughter, Suzy, lives in Denise’s apartment, who is the antithesis of Denise in many aspects. A little of it is in self-awareness and much of it is in the ability to run an independent life. Denise hates the fact that her elder daughter, Suzy, still lives with her and “life didn’t work out for her.”
Denise’s relationship with her daughters was always complex and it appears she reached a status quo in which each one of them knew her role. Tony is the lecturer and Suzy is the partisan. A status that articulates an absurd situation in which Suzy developed a dependence toward her mom while Denise actually developed a dependence towards Tony.
This situation went uninterrupted on the day Tony had to inform her mother that she got her dream job, which is located overseas. Tony knows that her mom will oppose such a move, who’ll be forced to sever relations with her beloved daughter. Denise is desperate to keep Tony close to her heart and as a result she will sideline her until she’ll have no choice of unleashing any burden, something she never did. It’ll be a process that will make Tony put herself first for the first time in her life. This is a story of a complex and fragile relationship between a mom and her daughters at a mature age, also on old age, dependence and self-fulfillment.

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