Director BIO: Julio J. Irizarry & Charlie Espinel (ELPIDA)

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The J in my middle name stands for Joshua or Josué in Spanish, which is shortened to Sway, as I’m better known as. I am an Army Veteran and grew up playing baseball. My journey of creativity started with poetry at a young age, which led to music. I picked up a camera shortly after and realized the same way I told stories through songs I could do similarly with film. I fell in love with the art of filmmaking and have been on a self taught journey ever since. The journey has not been easy by any means, but my passion to master this craft and speak into people’s hearts through a visual medium is why I do it. I have just completed my first short film and look forward to continue growing as a filmmaker and creating more stories that move people.

Director Statement

Elpida is my first short film. The title is derived from the greek word for hope. I wanted to take this familiar word and explore it in a different way. I challenged myself to create a story and convey a message of hope that would be able to resonate with a broad audience. Not only on the surface level but deep inside the minds and hearts of the viewer. It is a story that explores the depths of the human heart through fear, mystery and love.

By lafeedbackfilmfestival

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