Director BIO: Emily Skyle-Golden (#NOMORE)

Director Biography – Emily Skyle-Golden

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As a News Anchor, Emily Skyle quickly learned that although she loved reporting on what was going on in the world – she enjoyed finding the humor in it even more. She left the world of journalism and devoted the next 10 years of her life to comedy. Her quick wit and animated story telling skills landed her on the Chicago stages of Second City and iO (formerly Improv Olympic) and also brought her back into the world of television. Whether she’s hosting a travel show, writing quirky screenplays, taking a short lived spin as a Home Shopping Host, or stepping behind the camera as a Director – you can always count on her to bring her refreshing outlook on life and high energy personality to the table.


Director Statement


During the summer of 2016, I was a reporter covering the Brock Turner rape trial. The headline I selected for my story was 10 Syllables because that’s what the victim had been reduced to – “unconscious, intoxicated woman” – just ten syllables and nothing more. As a survivor of a violent attack during the fall of 1993, the victim’s statement impacted me profoundly and inspired me to finally tackle the subject in a screenplay, after almost 25 years of silence. When the #metoo movement began, I finally had the courage to turn my screenplay into a film.
#NoMore celebrates the idea that just one voice can start a movement. The amazing community of over 500+ women that were willing to share their stories with me was a healing, inspirational, challenging, humbling and life changing experience. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to shine a light on a topic that has been hidden in the dark for far too long.
We have a voice. We will be heard. We are a victim – no more.

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