Director BIO: Lawayne & Dewayne Bontrager (DISCLOSURE)

Director Biography – Lawayne Bontrager, Dewayne Bontrager

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Dewayne and Lawayne Bontrager of Bontrager Twins Productions and Twiin Media LLC have been developing and producing entertaining short films and creating compelling web videos for corporate America. Since 2008, they have written and produced 23 short films which have been recognized for several awards including: “Best of Show”, “Best Visual Effects”, “Best Special Effects” “Best Score” and “Best Actor”. The Bridge was recently shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

Even though they have worn many hats for their film productions, they are mostly acknowledged for their strength in innovation. Creating never before seen camera shots using practical and digital techniques and custom rigging. “If it doesn’t exist, they build it.

Because their films to date have all been low budget indie films, they have used their ingenuity to create “big Budget” film-making on very little or no budget. With film budgets plummeting in todays market – they could add tremendous value to any production looking for a way to stand out in todays flood of films.

They have also invented a Multi-camera multi-speed rotating split screen experience camera rig (Patent Pending) Which they are currently looking for a big budget feature to debut the technology.

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