Director Bio: Akash Mihani (MUM)

Director Biography – Akash Mihani

Akash mihani

Mr. Akash Mihani has completed his film-making gratification from the renowned Film-Making institute, ZIMA ñ Media and Institute. He also holds a diploma in Animation Film-Making from Zee Institute of Creative Animation (ZICA). Though the qualifications are high its only his passion and dedication towards Film-Making and love for the world of cinema that has driven him to direct his first short film, ìMUMî.
Apart from the world of Film-Making, Akash Mihani has proven his excellence in the world of Animation, Graphic Designing, Screen-writing and directing documentaries and Music Videos. His mettle and thirst of perfection has always been a catalyst in inspiring and motivating the young talents in achieving their goals.
Itís a well-known fact for the people around him that motivating and inspiring people has been his forte. But this forte was taken to next level by bringing together a team of talented young people and forming a company, Sirius Motion Pictures. The inspiration behind the name was the brightest star in the darkest sky, SIRIUS. The name itself is evident to understand the idea of work.
Being the director of the company, Mr. Akash Mihani is responsible for the overall working of the Company and is instrumental in making quality decisions for the Company.


Director Statement

ìI was quite aware of the female foeticides in India but it was that moment when I saw an article about a baby girl left to die in a jungle with some weight on her chest. It was heart-breaking. I can’t even imagine the amount of pain that young one would have gone through. I wanted to speak against this culture and the only way I knew to do so was by making a Film. The whole idea behind this was to send out a message and after watching this film even if few people care to change their mindset, it will be huge success to us. Apart from this, we are even trying to reach out the baby girl and know about her present situation and also help her in her education.

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