Director BIO: Parry Majmudar (LOSING CLAIRE)

Playing at the December 2017 FANTASY/SCI-FI FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles

Director Biography


I’m a budding filmmaker from India who is not so perfect but loves attaining perfection. Its been only a few months since I took up filmmaking.
A complete turnaround as far as my career is concerned. I was into industrial construction as a Project Coordinator for 3.5 years. It was mid of 2016 where I realised that I want to pursue filmmaking as a career and I started working on it. I was just listening to my heart and I still do.

I took up a course at the MET Film School in London. That was a life changing experience for me.

My interest in filmmaking came from my father. He loves watching films and I am so inclined towards the entire process of filmmaking.

“Films are the what-ifs of everything, I never got to and never do on in life.”

Well, I have produced and directed a short film as a part of my graduation project which focuses on the male perspective with the issue of a stillborn child and also highlighting the emotional trauma faced by men on this sensitive issues.

This was achieved through writing and developing an idea into a script and harnessing team work, planning – organising, outsourcing services, casting process and delegating the responsibilities to the crew in respective fields.

All I aim is to make films with good intentions and collaborative efforts.
P.S My Psychological Friends: Interest Passion, Dedication, Imagination, Innovation and Networking.

Director Statement

To highlight the taboos of the society, causing conflicts and misunderstandings and striking a balance for a happy living in the form cinematic expression.

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