Winning Short Screenplay – The Sand and Water of Styx by Peer Ynt

Los Angeles feedback film festival

Written by Peer Ynt


NARRATOR – Laura Kyswaty
MIRROR- Peter Nelson


Mystery, Horror

An evil magic mirror and hypnosis.

Get to know the winning writer:

What is your screenplay about?

About few things that probably won’t be spotted at first glance, so to speak. My guess is that on the surface you’d see an evil magic mirror and hypnosis. But if you’d watch it again, more things would reveal themselves. Depends on how deep you’d want to dig and how experienced you are as the human soul expert.

What genres does your screenplay under?

Mystery and horror.

Why should this screenplay be made into a movie?

One reason would be that it can be done with a ridiculously low budget. Another reason would be the predominant use of reverse angle which, I think, is the “icing” on this “cake” without which…

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