Audience Feedback: WHEN STRANGERS TOUCH YOUR HAIR, 7min., Drama

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Directed by Anisha Adusumilli & Samantha Neyland

She fits everywhere but nowhere at the same time.


When Strangers Touch Your Hair is a fresh new perspective on interracial dating. Based on true events, this film tells the story of SAM, a 21-year-old who, with a Caucasian mother and African-American father, is the product of an interracial relationship. With a little bit of romance and a whole lot of reality, this is a glimpse at dating when you’re biracial.


Sam and Daniel are a young new couple still getting to know each other. Sam is mixed: black and white and Daniel is white. The two are so wrapped up in each other that neither of them gives any thought to why it might not work. However, once Sam’s friends point out the obvious racial difference between her and her new

guy, it’s all she can think about. Feeling torn and confused Sam ultimately tells Daniel her concern. While his initial reaction is very reassuring, Sam soon learns that one conversation will not solve her problem.

Filmmaker Statement

This film is based very closely on real life experiences. When I grew up the black kids always told me I was white and the white kids always told me I was black. As a kid this was very unsettling. I always felt like I had to pick a side and I hated it because to me that meant picking a parent to love more. Making this film was my way of talking about the insecurities that I’ve always lived with but only recently chose to acknowledge. To me, being biracial comes with its own struggle that is almost never talked about. I made this film because for once I want to talk about it. I think we’ve made a tremendous amount of progress as a society but the fight for equality and acceptance is far from over.

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