Audience Feedback: ATOMIC COUPLE!, 15min., USA, Comedy/History

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  MOVIE POSTERATOMIC COUPLE!, 15min., USA, Comedy/History
Directed by Rodrigo Espinosa

Maggie Adams, a once promising nurse, is forced to confront the realities of her marriage when nuclear war breaks out and sets off a series of unexpected events that offer her a glimmer of hope to returning to who she yearns to be.

Director Statement The initial inspiration for this short was the story of Charlotte Benjamin. A 7 year old girl who was frustrated by Lego’s gender-stereotyping in their toy selection, who took it upon herself to write Lego’s CEO to demand change. I thought that was awesome, and it made me think more about how people in the world are held back on what they want by very bizarre things that we all view as “normal.” That is how Maggie came to be.

Film Type:Short

Runtime:14 minutes 22 seconds

Completion Date:April 1, 2016

Production Budget:32,000 USD

Country of Origin:United States

Country of Filming:United States

Film Language:English

Shooting Format:RED

Aspect Ratio:16:9

Film Color:Color

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short films short films short films


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