1pg Short Script – SAFE WORD by Darren Coyle

Watch the September 2016 Winning Short Screenplay.

Written by Darren Coyle


Genre: Comedy, Romance

‘SAFE WORD’ is about two people having an ill-fated affair.


NARRATOR – Julian Ford
MAN – Khoen Clarke
WOMAN – Katelyn Varadi


Get to know the winning writer:

What is your screenplay about?

‘SAFE WORD’ is about two people having an ill-fated affair.

What genres does your 1pg. short fall under?


Why should this screenplay be made into a movie?

I think given the parameter of a 1-page screenplay, it touches on a few different plot points in a limited amount of time and has a funny premise and ending

How would you describe this script in two words?

short & sweet

What movie have you seen the most times in your life?

“A Few Good Men”

How long have you been working on this screenplay?

a few days

How many stories have you written?

many – too many to count

What motivated you to write this screenplay?

I thought it was a good challenge to write a 1-page screenplay and try to give it a beginning, a middle and an ending. I think I did that.

What obstacles did you face to finish this screenplay?

well, the 1-page limitation was certainly an obstacle. Also, in order for something to be funny in a short amount of time is challenging too. You only have a small amount of time to establish the world of the movie as well as the characters.

Apart from writing, what else are you passionate about?

filmmaking in general. I direct and produce.

Any advice or tips you’d like to pass on to other writers?

just keep writing. a bunch of it will not be good, but that’s how you get better.


Director/Producer: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Editor: John Johnson

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

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